Do it right, call day and night!

As a company we are all about providing you with personalised service and quality of products.

At Brooklyn Services you’ll receive excellent service that you can rely on. When hiring a plumber, drain layer or utility locator it is essential that you can trust in the people you’re dealing with. You can rely on the team at Brooklyn Services to provide you with the best possible service in a friendly and personalised way.

Brooklyn Services was started by Sam Aitken, a Christchurch plumber and drainlayer who completed a stable apprenticeship and then decided to go out on his own to help the people of Canterbury by starting his own company, which is named after his son Brooklyn. Sam started as a sole trader with a small client base and contracting to local plumbing businesses. As Brooklyn Services has grown, Sam continues to work with those businesses which helped him as he was starting out. Sam’s hiring policy is simple; work with the people that you trust and that you know are reliable and can provide quality results for customers. Sticking to that belief, Sam has expanded his business into the Christchurch community and is now hiring and training apprentices to teach them his way of dedication to quality workmanship.